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Bench-to-Bedside and Back Program (BtB)

Specific Policy Information for Funding the Extramural Investigator

  • For awards involving extramural partners, PIs can budget a portion of their funds to their extramural collaborator(s), which will be directed as an administrative supplement to an existing grant. In order to ensure uninterrupted funding, it is best if there is sufficient time left on the grant vehicle to get to the end of the project period. Thus, grants such as R21 and other award mechanisms that do not have competing renewals are not acceptable for BtB supplements. If the extramural collaborator does not have sufficient time on the parent grant to complete the BtB work, the BtB supplement may be pro-rated. For additional information please Contact Us.
  • Anticipated indirect costs must be included in the budget tables of the application.
  • The extramural collaborator must ensure that his/her role on the BtB proposal is within scope of the parent grant. This is the responsibility of the extramural collaborator, not the BtB program team.
  • Any expected recipient of a supplement must be listed on a grant to be supplemented. Adding a collaborator on an existing grant for the sole purpose of a supplement from BtB will not be approved.
  • Principal investigators for all awarded projects will be required to submit annual progress reports on the project's status. Extramural collaborators receiving administrative supplements are required to include a section in the parent grant RPPR on the progress made on the BtB project.

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