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Bench-to-Bedside and Back Program (BtB)

Metrics at a Glance

Applications and Awards 1999-2023:
Bench-to-Bedside and Back Program (BtB) Awards number was dependent on partner offices only, but since 2016 the program can fund additional projects using Office of Clinical Research Education and Collaboration Outreach BtB Funds provided by the NIH Director. On average these funds will sponsor at least 7 additional meritorious projects.

Graph shows number of awards and applications for years 1999-2022. For 2023, number of awards is 15 and number of full applications is 50.

Awards Distributions among awardees:
The Bench to Bedside program monitor the distribution of awards among applicants. There were some questions/concerns that there are certain recipients who always receive awards. The data below indicates the opposite is true. The graph below shows how many times a specific investigator received an award.

Graph shows 363 awards distribution to 256 investigators by the numbers, years 1999-2023. 1 award was given to 196 PIs, 2 awards to 42 PIs, 3 awards to 8 PIs, 4 awards to 5 PIs, 5 awards to 2 PIs, and the rest (6 to 10 awards) is 0 or 1.

From 2006-2022 283 Awards at 133 Sites including 23 international:
Collaborations: Bench-to-Bedside and Back Program (BtB) Awards collaborations at the national and international level. The program encouraged and supported such collaborations.

Image of the world map and US with awards marked as red dots. Locations listed below are Chiba University, Japan
Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherlands
Garvan Institute of Medical Health, Australia 
Hospital A.C. Camargo, Brazil 
Hospital for Sick Children, Canada
Imperial College, London , UK
International Agency for Research on Cancer, France
Makerere University, Uganda 
Sackler School of Medicine, Israel
San Raffaele Foundation, Italy
University of Bamako, Mali
University of Bristol, UK
University of Cambridge, UK
Université Clermont Auvergne, France
University Medical Centre Utrecht, Netherlands
University of Clermont, France
University of Edinburgh, UK
University of New South Wales, Australia
University of Oxford, UK 
University of Toronto, Canada 
University of Vigo, Spain
University of York, UK
Zaria, Nigeria


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