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NIH Summer Course in Clinical and Translational Research

Thank you for your interest in the NIH Summer Course in Clinical and Translational Research for basic science researchers. The course provides an opportunity for didactic learning through lectures, discussions, and small group activities. The course also provides an opportunity to learn more about the unique resources available at the NIH, to meet with researchers and program administrators, and to learn more about potential career opportunities at the NIH.

We are happy to announce that we will be offering the option to attend our course in-person in addition to the virtual attendance we've offered during the pandemic. We feel that this hybrid version will be the best way to serve our students this year. If the COVID community levels rise and we are not able to host students on campus, we will switch to a fully online version. Please indicate in your application if you are interested in attending our course in-person or if you plan on attending virtually.

Course Details

July 17 – 21, 2023


"What is the role of the PhD scientist in clinical and translational research?"

The NIH Summer Course in Clinical and Translational Research is an intensive introductory course offered by the NIH Office of Clinical Research Education and Collaboration Outreach in Bethesda, Maryland. The purpose of the course is to demonstrate the role of PhD scientists in clinical and translational research, provide an overview and examples of how basic science and clinical observations lead to translational research, and increase awareness and access to PhD role models, research resources, and potential career opportunities at the NIH.

The course is offered by NIH at no cost.

Core Topics

The course will provide a foundation in key areas of clinical and translational research. Overarching topics are listed below:

  • Study Design (Statistics and Critical Review)
  • Protocol Development and Implementation
  • Scientific and Ethical Review of Research
  • Special Topics in Training and Research Opportunities
  • Medical Product Development and FDA Regulations
  • Implementing Lessons Learned

Eligibility Requirements

The course will be open to both doctoral graduate students and early career PhD investigators

Current Graduate Students

Ph.D. Investigators

Enrolled in a doctoral degree program leading to a PhD in the basic sciences at a U.S. institution, OR participating in the NIH Graduate Partnership Program

Completed at least one year of doctoral study by July 2023, and still enrolled in July 2023

Pursuing first doctoral degree

Not dually enrolled in a medical degree (MD-PhD) program, or previously awarded a clinical degree (e.g., MD, DO, PharmD, DVM, DNP)

Have dean/research advisor's approval to participate in the course

Received a Ph.D. in a basic science program

Currently appointed to a basic research position at a U.S. institution

Not previously awarded a clinical degree (e.g., MD, DO, PharmD, DVM, DNP), or currently enrolled in a clinical degree program

No significant clinical research experience (e.g., principal investigator of a clinical research study, previously completed a clinical research course)

Have supervisor's approval to participate in the course


All applicants must apply using the online process, which can be initiated below. Clicking on the "Submit Cover Letter & Biosketch" button below will initiate an email for applicants to attach their cover letter and biosketch documents. These two files should be sent in PDF format with the file name starting with the applicant's last name. The biosketch must follow the NIH format. Applicants do not need to complete the Scholastic Performance section. Applicants will provide their research advisor's / supervisor's contact information in the cover letter. The applicant's advisor / supervisor should email their Letter of Recommendation directly to the CTR Summer Course mailbox at Letters of recommendation must be sent by the posted deadline.

Selection Process

Applicants will be evaluated based on the strength of their biosketch and advisor's / supervisor's letter of recommendation. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by July 1, 2023. Enrollment will be limited to a maximum of 30 students for the 2023 course.


Please direct all questions to

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